3 Ways to Turn Experiences into Purchases

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So tell me, what was your favourite gift this Christmas?

Was it a charming Airbnb experience hunting for truffles in Tuscany or a cute little pet Hatchimal?

Could you touch and feel it and get instant satisfaction? Or did you have to imagine enjoying it in the future?

After furiously unwrapping the paper, was your reaction an ecstasy induced outburst of “OMG! I thought they sold out! Or was it an uncomfortable, gritted teeth murmur of “did you keep the receipt…?

During the holiday season, one major talking point was what the best type of present to give friends and family if you wanted to be crowned gift giver of the year – an experience or a material purchase.

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2 Types of Technologies to Engage Customers

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Technology that Knows You

Part of the excitement of experiential and user-engagement situations, is finding ways to allow people to seamlessly interact with a brand experience (for example “technological event display”) and have that  experience know who the user is, and give them either a customized experience or remember their preferences to give them more of what they want.

An example: imagine walking up to an iPad display at a car show and having the iPad greet you with your name and information about the car you may care about (ex. 4-wheel drive so you can do more of your outdoor treks, or large trunk room for the kids hockey equipment).

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Shoot to Thrill: Social Media at Live-Events

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One thing people ask us a lot about is how to use social media to boost their presence and value of their events.

So let’s start at the beginning…

Social media allows people to share their life experiences with their friends and family, and in some cases their fan bases. They will share things that reflect on their interests, and things they find cool.

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