2 Types of Technologies to Engage Customers

By November 24, 2016RFID

Technology that Knows You

Part of the excitement of experiential and user-engagement situations, is finding ways to allow people to seamlessly interact with a brand experience (for example “technological event display”) and have that  experience know who the user is, and give them either a customized experience or remember their preferences to give them more of what they want.

An example: imagine walking up to an iPad display at a car show and having the iPad greet you with your name and information about the car you may care about (ex. 4-wheel drive so you can do more of your outdoor treks, or large trunk room for the kids hockey equipment).

What if that display showed you pictures of that car in situations it knew interested you and in the colour you liked?!

This is possible and will be how experiential events will be in at some point in the future.


What Technology allows this?

There are two types of current technologies that allow a interactive display to know who the viewer (ie standing by the display or in the proximity of it):

  1. RFID technology (Radio-Frequency-Identification), which includes RFID tech built into smartphones (called “NFC” or Near-Field-Communication) — often initiated by bringing a card/phone close to a reader

2.Bluetooth: BLE (Bluetooth-Low-Energy)  — which uses waves like wifi that can detect when you are               within an area of it


RFID technology is often used by tapping, for example to open a building door, people would tap their security access card to open the.  Similarly, someone could tap a card at a display at trade-show booth, and the display would send the user information or show them customized information. ApplePay is an example of NFC in action, as iPhone 6/7/+ have NFC built-in; similarly Samsung Galaxy phones generally all have NFC built-in.


BLE has a larger range, with range increasing with each revision – it can be from a few meters up to nearly 100 meters. Because this technology is low-power and built-into phones, as BLE standards become widely adopted – ex. iPhone beacon technology (link: https://developer.apple.com/ibeacon/) or Android Eddystone (link: https://developers.google.com/beacons/)

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